24 November 2017

There is Always Tomorrow by Anna Belfrage

shortlisted for Book of the Month Selection

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Timeslip / Fictional Saga
Maryland / London

Graham Saga #9

This is the ninth in the popular time slip series, the Graham Saga, following the fortunes of Alex, a reluctant time traveller, and Matthew Graham, her seventeenth century husband. Alex and Matthew are still in Maryland working their substantial farmstead with their ever growing family, sons, daughters, grandchildren, waifs and strays. But this story starts with an attempted rescue of a dear friend from an old enemy with a supporting cast that both make you shudder with revulsion and smile with approval.

The action flits between Maryland and London with life in London, courts and coffee shops, but the centre of the novel is always the Graham's Garden, the family home. Where other novels have discussed the parting of the ways of the family, this one sees the return of many.

Ms Belfrage writes in a pleasing style that keeps on going, never letting up, vivid and engaging that sweeps you on and makes you feel for the characters. I found myself resenting the bad things that happen in the novel, having to recall that these are not real people, but they feel real.

Even if you have not read the others in this series, don't let that put you off this particular instalment. You may well want to go back to the beginning to find out what happened before, but There Is Always Tomorrow is an individual a story of the New World and the Old, and is perfectly satisfying on its own.

© Louise Adam
(pre-publication edition reviewed - a few typo slips, but I am confidant these will have been corrected.)
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